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Commonly asked questions

We often get asked questions about our fun for all exercise classes and fitness parties, here are some of the most common things we get asked by people who want to join the Zumba party:

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Frequently Asked Questions - Zumba

1066Fitness Zumba Classes What do I wear for Zumba or Zumba Toning, particularly on my feet?
  Comfort is the key, so make sure you wear clothes that you are happy to vigorously move around in. Be prepared to sweat, so think about wearing light weight clothes. We wouldn't advise Zumba in jeans. The best foot wear for Zumba are cross training/aerobics/dance trainers (like Blochs or Jingas). If you don't have any of these don't worry, you'll be fine in a pair of fairly worn trainers, with not too much of a grip on them. Running trainers are not recommended as they tend to have too much grip for the twisting and turning movements that Zumba involves.
1066Fitness Zumba Classes Do I need to bring anything with me?
  Make sure you have plenty of water before class, during, and afterwards as you are going to sweat, a lot. It is also a good idea to bring a sweat towel, but apart from that just yourself and a smile.
1066Fitness Zumba Classes Is there an age limit for Zumba?

All our classes are suitable for Adults (16yrs+). However, we run ZumbAtomic - a class specially designed or children aged 6-12. Then the kids can max out on fun and fitness all at the same time as well!For those older people who may find Zumba Basics a bit tricky we have specially run Zumba Gold classes. Zumba Gold is also suitable for unconditioned adults looking to start their journey to a fitter healthier life.

1066Fitness Zumba Classes I haven't exercised in a long time can I still attend?
  Yes of course, you have to start somewhere. People of all fitness levels attend Zumba classes. You can keep all the moves low and won't be forced to take the high intensity option.
1066Fitness Zumba Classes Do I have to be able to dance to do this?
  Previous dance experience is definitely not required. Just be prepared to sweat and have a lot of fun.
1066Fitness Zumba Classes Is Zumba the same as high impact aerobics?
  You can burn up to 1000 calories doing an hour of Zumba, so you can certainly work as hard as you would in a high impact aerobics class. However, the reason why Zumba is so great and is suitable for all levels, is because you work within a range of movement that is safe and comfortable for yourself..
1066Fitness Zumba Classes I have just found out I am pregnant can I do Zumba?
  As long as you get the ok from your doctor, its fine for you to take part in a Zumba class, as you can go at your own pace. Obviously, there will be some exercises that will not be suitable, but a quick word with your instructor will put your mind at ease.
1066Fitness Zumba Classes I have a problem with my knees / back can I still do Zumba?
  Zumba covers a variety of moves, however, if you let your instructor know about any ailments/injuries you may have and they will give you alternative exercises to do. Also you might want to give Zumba Gold a try, its is much lower impact and pace, but still great fun and marvellous exercise. Contact our instructor(s) and they will be able to advise you more.
1066Fitness Zumba Classes Will I lose weight doing Zumba?
  If you follow a healthy eating plan, and attend at least two Zumba classes a week, you will definitely lose weight.
1066Fitness Zumba Classes What is the minimum age for participants?
  Zumba Basics is designed for participants over the age of 16. If you or your child is under 16 why not checkout our ZumbAtomic classes? It is a program designed especially for children as they are still developing. As we said, with 1066Fitness.com Everyone can Zumba!
1066Fitness Zumba Classes Are they mixed classes? Men and women?
  Zumba is suitable for both men and women, the more, the merrier.
1066Fitness Zumba Classes I have no co-ordination between my arms and legs, will I still be able to do Zumba?
  As long as you are not afraid to try, you can certainly do Zumba. Its a workout designed to be fun, its not a structured dance class like the tango or waltz, so there is no need to worry about learning steps. Also, the moves are repeated several times and are very easy to follow. There is no right or wrong way to Zumba so if you are doing a slightly different move it doesn't matter..just enjoy it.

Still got a question? - Contact us and we'll give you an answer

ZumbAtomic FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - ZumbAtomic Back to general Zumba faq
ZumbAtomic Class What do I wear for ZumbAtomic, particularly on my feet?
  Comfort is the key, so make sure you wear clothes that you are happy to vigorously move around in. Be prepared to sweat, so think about wearing light weight clothes. We wouldn't advise ZumbAtomic in jeans. The best foot wear for ZumbAtomic are cross training/aerobics/dance trainers. If you don't have any of these don't worry, you'll be fine in a pair of fairly worn trainers, with not too much of a grip on them. New Running trainers are not recommended as they tend to have too much grip for the twisting and turning movements that ZumbAtomic involves. Appropriate footwear is required for the class - Bare feet or socks are NOT permitted under any circumstances.
ZumbAtomic ClassDo I need to bring anything with me to ZumbAtomic?
  All children attending the class should bring a bottle of water with their name clearly written on it. Also, if you haven't already filled in the required forms you must bring these with you (completed).No fizzy drinks will be allowed. No food permitted in class and no chewing gum.
ZumbAtomic ClassCan I/We/someone come and watch the class?
  No, not usually. Most people don't like being watched while they are learning something new or exercising and having parents in the room can be distracting for some children. However, with ZumbAtomic classes we tend to do a short performance of what the children have learned at the end of the last class (monthly) for that group and we'll give you plenty of notice before it happens.
ZumbAtomic ClassCan I Film or Take Pictures?
  No filming or photography is permitted at any classes at any time without prior permission from 1066Fitness.com. Contact your instructor for more information.
ZumbAtomic ClassHow much does ZumbAtomic cost?
  Pre-Registration is required for all 1066Fitness.com ZumbAtomic classes. ZumbAtomic - (6 - 12 yrs) - £4.50 per class. Classes must be paid for on the day on in advanced in blocks of 4 classes. A pre-payment card will be issued to you either before your first class by post or in person when you arrive.
Pre-payment cards: ZumbAtomic
  Class Name Number of classes per card Cost
  ZumbAtomic 4 £18
Alternative payment methods are available by prior arrangement only, contact 1066Fitness.com directly for more information
ZumbAtomic ClassMy Child has Special Needs...
  If your child has a special need, the implications of this will be explored fully with your instructor prior to their commencement to the class. Please contact us to discus your child's needs
ZumbAtomic ClassDropping off and Picking up of children
  NO parents will be allowed to stay in class. If there is a parent performance, parents will be permitted into the class 10 minutes before the end. You will be advised when dropping off your child if a parent performance will take place. Please ensure children arrive on time for the class starting, 5-10 minutes before the scheduled class time is recommended. Late arrivals may be refused entry.
ZumbAtomic ClassWhat if my Child gets ill during a class?
  Your child should not attend class if they are feeling unwell in anyway. Consequently, I will contact you if your child should become unwell during the class. Any health conditions should be advised on the separate form and also advised to your instructor directly before the class.
ZumbAtomic ClassWhat is your behaviour and disciplinary policy?

Unacceptable Behaviour
Swearing, spitting, fighting, bullying, insolent back chat to adult helpers, use of unsuitable language etc. This list is exhaustive but merely gives parents/carers an indication of the type of behaviour which 1066Fitness.com wishes to discourage.

Disciplinary Procedure

If a child is given repeated warnings from the instructor the following steps will then be taken:

  • The child will be given a verbal warning by the instructor.

If the child’s behaviour does not improve or a similar incident occurs again:

  • The child will be given a time out and not allowed to take any part for the next section of the class.

If unacceptable behaviour is repeated within a short period of time:

  • The parent/carer will be contacted and advised to remove the child from the class. The child will then be excluded from any further ZumbAtomic classes run by 1066Fitness.com. Refunds are entirely at the discretion of 1066Fitness.com
ZumbAtomic ClassWhere are the registration documents i need for ZumbAtomic?
  You'll find them in our downloads section - HERE <-

Still got a question? - Contact us and we'll give you an answer

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